Casting fishing net

These are daily works of local people, including throwing, casting fishing net to catch fishes and shrimps.

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Hunting and gathering

Having an experience of gardening, harvesting and tasting fresh fruits after right after picking.

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Rice cooking

An interesting team building activity where you participate in a competition of cooking rice but in the way of local people in the old days.

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Rowing and public bathing

Having an experience of rowing the sampan boat, cruising through the canals to discover the nature of the Western region. After that, you will have the experience of “reliving the childhood” by going to bathe in the Ham Luong river, which is located next to the Rooster Mekong recreational area.

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Cycling and sightseeing

Cycling together to visit Cai Mon flower village - one of the largest wholesale markets supplying flowers for the country.

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Fishing on land

Having a new experience of hunting giant mudskipper, which is exclusively available at the Rooster Mekong.

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