Rooster Mekong - which is located in An Hoa Hamlet, Long Thoi village, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province - is a travel project of enjoying green nature and experiencing daily life of local people. This project is presented by Bao Khoi travel services and trading company limited, which is founded in April 2018.  

The Rooster Mekong staff, who have great passion of traveling, aspiration of helping local people in the Southwest region, hope of protecting and developing the traditional works as well as the local culture and spirit, has been working together to create a recreational area that respect the value of nature and humanity.

Get rid of the noises to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere.

The transportation options are various (couch, motorbike, boat) and it is only 110 km to Ho Chi Minh city, which means you can have a round trip within a day.

The road is wide and convenient. Even a 50 seater coach can drop off passenger right at the doorstep. Our ferry can also offer a place for a 100 passengers boat.

Feel the kindness, honesty and hospitality of local people in the Southwest region.

Fresh air, clean eating and tasty food.

Professional services

Cycling and sightseeing: Cycling together to visit Cai Mon flower village - one of the largest wholesale markets supplying flowers for the country.

Hunting and gathering: having an experience of gardening, harvesting and tasting fresh fruits after right after picking.

Casting fishing net: These are daily works of local people, including throwing, casting fishing net to catch fishes and shrimps.

Rice cooking: An interesting team building activity where you participate in a competition of cooking rice but in the way of local people in the old days.

Rowing and public bathing: having an experience of rowing the sampan boat, cruising through the canals to discover the nature of the Western region. After that, you will have the experience of “reliving the childhood” by going to bathe in the Ham Luong river, which is located next to the Rooster Mekong recreational area.

Fishing on land: having a new experience of hunting giant mudskipper, which is exclusively available at the Rooster Mekong.

Prosperity – Cleanliness - Luxury – Reunion – Multiplication

  • Prosperity: Rooster Mekong creates employment opportunities for local people and always hopes that they will have a prosperous life. The prosperity of local people is also the prosperity of Rooster Mekong.
  • Cleanliness: Rooster Mekong always regards cleanliness standards as the most important criterion towards resting, food and sightseeing services in order to ensure that tourists can enjoy everything to the fullest.
  • Luxury: The atmosphere at Rooster Mekong is designed to attach with nature, which is natural, simple and luxurious at the same time in order to catch the trend.
  • Reunion: Rooster Mekong is a “love house”, where relationships are improved. We provide customers with a precious, happy and sweet time with their family and friends.
  • Multiplication: The multiplication in the comprehensive development of local people in particular and local economy in general is the main goal and motivation for our staff to develop the Rooster Mekong project day by day.

Towards our staff : Create a professional, active and creative work environment, where the staff can show their full potential and also a chance for them to have a high salary and a comprehensive development.

Towards society

  • Create employment opportunities for local people
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Protect and develop the culture and spirit of local people in the Southwest region.
  • Improve living standards in a modern way, contribute to the development of the new countryside

Towards our partner: Rooster Mekong always appreciates durable cooperation and keeps up a perfect reputation.

Rooster Mekong follows the direction of “ protecting and developing” with enthusiasm and passion. Protecting: the recreational area and the experience with local people. Developing: in expanding the resort in order to serve every customer needs. Beside that, Rooster Mekong cooperate with our partners to become a wholesale trading fruits for the country and oversea.

  • Commit to create travel activities that have minor effects on the local environment and culture.
  • Commit to have responsibility with partners and customers for experiencing the best service at Rooster Mekong.
  • Help the local community to protect the environment and culture, do charity works.
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